Date: 8 May 2023

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 SST

Location: SUTD Campus, 8 Somapah Rd, Singapore


Aligning existing and future mobile communication systems to serve sustainability is a central vision of the WWRF for the benefit of the humanity. Connectivity and telecom systems play a central role to achieve sustainability goals. In its Vision 2030 SDG (Sustainability Development Goals), the United Nations has proclaimed access to the Internet as a basic human right and has said that these goals cannot be achieved without affordable access to the Internet by everyone. We view sustainability in a broad context, similar to what the United Nations has done, and are focusing to address as many goals as possible out of the 17 goals defined by the UN in the realization of Beyond 5G and 6G communication.

The workshop has been organized for the duration of 3 hours with a coffee break of 25 minutes. There will be up to five invited speakers, each focusing on the role of communications technology on one or more SDG goals. The workshop will end with a panel discussion with all the invited speakers.


Agenda details available soon.